The Sun PST MOD Gallery 1
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I See Astrophotography
The latest modifications are completed in week 20. The 90° angle of the BF15 has been taken out and been straightened like an BF30 modell. The result of this is more light in the DMK-CCD-chip, shorter exposure times and faster shooting what can give you beter results. All pictures taken on this page have been stacked with AutoStackert2! and processed in CS6. The next picture is an 28 picture animation of AR1745 made with Firecapture. 1000 frames per picture, about 37 seconds, 60s between each picture. 100 frames are stacked with AS2! for each picture. Next time I’ll clean my CCD chip first... my humble apologies for that. I thought it was nice enough to see the movement in such a short period of time. Please click to enlarge the animation and pictures.
Pictures taken from my backyard.
Second light after a few modifications 06-05-2013
First light on 28-04-2013
09-05-2013 Placed a 35nm H-alpha filter before the Ethalon-train. An enormous visual improvement. But the seeing this day was terrible. Made these pictures within half an hour or so.