Coronado PST MOD piece by piece
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Part #7857 - M57 Helical Focuser - M57 M A versatile front end interface (M57 P0.75 male) allows this focuser to be connected to a wide variety of Borg accessories, including adapters (7901, 7910, 7911 and 7912) for third-party scopes, such as Vixen and Takahashi focuser sections. The internal diameter (47 mm) is wide enough to cover 35 mm format film. Index: 100 microns  Length: 49 to 65 mm  Travel: 16 mm  Weight: 165 g  A: M57 P0.75 Female, M60 P0.75 Male  B: M57 P0.75 Male   
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Extension ring with M48x0.75 thread on both sides
Part #7602 - M57/60 Extension Tube S (20mm long)
Part #7505 - 2" Eyepiece Holder M 
         Part #7505 2" Eyepiece Holder M
Part #7602 - M57/60 Extension Tube S (20mm long)
     Borg Part #7424 SCT to M57/60 Adapter
Part #7424 - SCT to M57/60 Adapter
Helical focusser Borg Part #7857
2” Extension tube (88mm) 
Baader 2" H-Alpha Pass Filter - 35nm 
Adaptor 2” - 1.25”
PST Etalon <1Å
Etalon train