Mare Tranquillitatis
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Mare Tranquillitatis - "Sea of Tranquility” Mare Tranquillitatis sits within the Tranqillitatis basin. The mare material within the basin consists of basalt in the intermediate to young age group of the Upper Imbrian epoch. The surrounding mountains are thought to be of the Lower Imbrian epoch, but the actual basin is probably Pre-Nectarian. The basin has irregular margins and lacks a defined multiple-ringed structure. Theirregualr topography in and near this basin results from the intersection of the Tranquillitatis, Nectaris, Crisium, Fecunditatis, and Serenitatis basins with two throughgoing rings of the Procellarum basin. Mare Serenitatis is seen in the upper left of the photo below. Palus Somn, on the northeastern rim of the mare, is filled with the basalt that spilled over from Tranquillitatis. This mare also served as the landing site for Apollo 11, the first manned landing on the moon. Source: Nasa
The colored arrows indicate the landing sites of Apollo 11, the first manned moon mission, Apollo 17, Apollo 16, and Surveyor 5. To the southeast is Mare Fecunditatis, to the northeast is Mare Crisium, and to the south is Mare Nectaris.