Mare Frigoris - "Sea of Cold” Mare Frigoris is located just north of Mare Imbrium, and stretches east to north of Mare Serentatis. The mare is in the outer rings of the Procellarum basin. The basin material surrounding the mare is of the Lower Imbrian epoch, while the eastern mare material is of the Upper Imbrian epoch, and the western mare material is of the Eratosthenian epoch. The mare appears as darker grey material in the lower section of the photo below. The dark circular feature just to the south of Frigoris is the crater Plato. You can just make out the crater Aristoteles as a lighter grey circular feature to lower right-center of the photo, and south of Frigoris. Source: Nasa
Mare Frigoris
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Credit photo’s: Martinus Meulenbeek Equipment frequently used: Isolated Celestron C8 F10 Skywatcher EQ3 DMK21 618 DMK31 Baader IR 685nm Baader IR 702nm Baader Red filter Astronomik SII CCD filter