Mare Fecunditatis
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Mare Fecunditatis - “Sea of Fucudity” Mare Fecuditatis is 909 miles in diameter, and sits in the Fecunditatis basin. The basin is of the Pre-Nectarian epoch, while the basin material surrounding the mare is of the Nectarian epoch. The mare matierial is of the Upper Imbrian epoch,and is relatively thin, as compared to Mare Crisium or Mare Tranquillitatis. This basin is overlapped with the Nectaris, Tranquillitatis, and Crisium basins. Along the western edge of Fecuditatis is where it meetsthe Nectaris basin. The area along this zone is faulted by arcuated grabens. You can make out Mare Tranquillitatis in the upper left corner of the picture below, while the patch of grey in the lower-left is Mare Nectaris. On the eastern edge of Fecunditatis is the crater Langrenus, seen as the lighter grey area on the right-center of the photo. Source: Nasa
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