Let me introduce myself... My name is Ivar Kooren. I was born in Rozenburg, The Netherlands, in 1974.  As I can remember, I've always been fascinated by astronomy. I remember being a little boy looking through the window staring at Venus at the early night sky. Wondering how far it was from Earth and, if we were the only one in the Universe. I noticed it moved from day-to-day and so I thought it must to be Alien. I also remember 30 years ago, it was much darker outside then it is today. Living close to Rotterdam … probably one of the worst light polluted areas in the world…   My very first telescope was something like a toy from a children's gift shop… but after seeing the Moon upclose I was fascinated and addicted for life.   Eventually my wife bought me a book about astronomy in 2008. I decided to buy myself a secondhand Celestron CPC800 which was one very expensive lesson. As I didn't understand why the system wouldn't cooperate the I way I thought it would, I went to the observatory "De Tweelingen" in Spijkenisse to let myself get informed about it, not knowing that for next 4 years I have joined them not only as a member but also as member of the board.   After this experience, I would recommend everyone to join an astronomy association or forum. That will save you heaps of money! The last couple of years, I tried to collect some pictures with my 115mm APO refractor on a NEQ6. The first pictures were taken with my EOS 350D but was quickly switched for a DMK21 and DMK31.   One big disadvantage of being me is that I'm suffering from ME/CVS which makes it quite difficult sometimes to make a suitable combination with my hobby. This is also one of the reasons not the photograph deep sky, but only the Sun, the Moon and the most interesting planets.  To combine the ME/CVS with amateur astronomy, I made the decision to buy a Coronado Solarmax60 in January 2011 and, switch the night sky for the day Star… our Sun. Within that year I tried to build a bigger solar telescope…. Because man... large solar telescopes are expensive! The ones, I made so far, were successfully for observing but not suitable for photography. But we're getting there eventually.  This year (2012) I will succeed with a Sky- Watcher Evostar 102mm PST modified telescope.   Friends and family asked me to make an internet site so they can see and enjoy the photos as well. As most photos are quite large, most of them have been resized to make the site a bit faster.
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